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If you have any questions about any of this information, please contact Kim Rizio at krizio@longtrailschool.org.

Packing List
Parent Authorization Form
99 Restaurant fundraiser coupon

Eighth graders

In order to go, all students need a current passport OR US border pass card.

Passport applications for children under 16 must be submitted in person at an authorized passport acceptance facility. Both parents or guardians must appear with the child. If both parents/guardians cannot be present, see parental consent for additional document requirements.

MANCHESTER VILLAGE POST OFFICE [362-1170] and PAWLET POST OFFICE [325-3065] can submit these directly. They also can take the photo for you. Passports typically take about 6 weeks to process. The employees at the post office say it’s currently taking about 4 weeks to process in Philadelphia, where they are sent.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.  I RECOMMEND GETTING THE PROCESS STARTED PRIOR TO FEBRUARY BREAK.  OTHERWISE, YOU ARE TAKING THE RISK OF NOT RECEIVING IT IN TIME.  You may need an appointment to apply for the passport.

PARENT AUTHORIZATION FORM (The authorization is necessary to ensure we have the proper authorization to leave and return to the country.)


Steven Dear, Kim Rizio, Francois Secordel and Veronique de la Bruyere

Wednesday-Friday, April 5-7, 2017

Premiere bus

Hotel Gouverneur Place Dupuis 514-842-4881

Maximum of $325 per student, minus any fundraising efforts


There is a $50 non-refundable deposit due by October 15 for those who wish to participate.  

You may pay in full or make payments monthly payments as follows:
  • Nov. 15 – $55
  • Dec. 15 – $55
  • Jan. 15 – $55
  • Feb. 15 – $55
  • Mar. 15 – final payment will be determined based on fundraising

Dollar Skate at Riley Rink – November 7
Concessions at Phantom – December 8
99 Restaurant Dinner – March 22 – CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE COPY OF THE 15% COUPON


Wednesday, April 5
8:00 am           Arrive at LTS with one small duffel or suitcase, a backpack for daily use and a bag lunch/snacks
9:00 am           Depart LTS for Canada
2:00 pm           Exploring Your Inner Picasso/Museum of Fine arts
4:00 pm           Botanical Gardens
5:30 pm           Arrive at hotel
6:00 pm           Dinner to be confirmed
7-10:00 pm       use the hotel amenities (pool and gym); time hanging out in rooms with doors open
10:00 pm          lights out

Thursday, April 6
7:30 am           Buffet breakfast
9:00 am           Biodome
10:30 am          Planetarium
12:10 pm          picnic style lunch
1:30 pm           wander old city, visit science centre
5:00 pm          Restaurant Le Bourlingueur
7:00 pm           Activity tbd
8:30 pm           use the hotel amenities (pool and gym); time in rooms
10:00                lights out

Friday, April 7

8:00 am           Buffet breakfast
9:00 am           On the road, visit Mont Royal Hill or Fort Chambly, lunch en route (paid for by LTS)
2:30 pm           Back to LTS


Bring one small duffle or suitcase and a backpack for daily use and a bag lunch/snacks. Students are expected to carry their own bags from the bus through the hotel; we are only gone for 2 nights. PACK SPARINGLY!

Backpack items (things for the bus and each day):
Glasses, contacts & solution, sunglasses
Spending money (for snacks & souvenirs)
Watch or timepiece
Hat and gloves/mittens
Books, magazines, playing cards, portable games
Medicine (give to chaperones w/specific instructions)
Electronics: camera, cell phone, music device (w/charger or batteries)*
Sweatshirt or coat/jacket (temperature changes and wind)

Luggage items (pack appropriately for weather and being outdoors!)
1-2 pairs of nice pants (minimal holes/rips)
1-2 nice shirts (should cover you appropriately)
1-2 sweaters or sweatshirts
1 weather resistant light jacket [rain/windbreaker]
1-2 pairs of walking shoes/sneakers [WE WILL WALK A LOT!!!]
1 pair of flip flops for pool and hotel
hat and gloves/mittens
Underwear and socks
Bathing suit for the pool (appropriate)
Shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Personal products (perhaps orthodontic items, headache or allergy meds)

Musical instruments
Laptop computers or tablets
Uncomfortable/high heeled shoes
Weapons, tobacco, drugs, alcohol
Inappropriate clothing

* bring electronics at own risk of loss or damage



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