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If you have any questions about any of this information, please contact MaryBeth O’Donnell at modonnell@longtrailschool.org or (802) 867-5717 x204.

Any eighth graders who wish to participate

Montreal, Canada

In order to go, all students need a current passport OR US border pass card.

Passport applications for children under 16 must be submitted in person at an authorized passport acceptance facility. Both parents or guardians must appear with the child. If both parents/guardians cannot be present, see parental consent for additional document requirements.

MANCHESTER VILLAGE POST OFFICE [362-1170] and PAWLET POST OFFICE [325-3065] can submit these directly. They also can take the photo for you. Passports typically take about 6 weeks to process.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.  I RECOMMEND GETTING THE PROCESS STARTED PRIOR TO FEBRUARY BREAK.  OTHERWISE, YOU ARE TAKING THE RISK OF NOT RECEIVING IT IN TIME.  You may need an appointment to apply for the passport.

PARENT AUTHORIZATION FORM (The authorization is necessary to ensure we have the proper authorization to leave and return to the country.)

MaryBeth needs a photocopy of each students passport no later than Fri., Mar. 16.  She will collect actual passports and the Parent Authorization Form on Wed., March 28.  Passports will be kept in the safe in the business office until the day of the trip.

Todd Smith – trip leader
Scott Worland
Annie Crumb
Jackie McKinstry

Wednesday & Thursday, April 11 & 12, 2018

Coach bus

Hotel Gouverneur Place Dupuis

Each student will be asked to write down two or three students they would like to room with. Each student is guaranteed to be placed with at least one of his/her chosen students.  The occupancy is four students per room.

$140 per student
Original cost per student was $225. Each student received a discount of $85 from the Basket Raffle proceeds.

You may pay in full or make payments monthly payments as follows:

  • Dec. 1 – $50 (deposit)
  • Jan. 15 – $30
  • Feb. 15 – $30
  • Mar. 15 – $30

Payments should be handed in to MaryBeth O’Donnell.

Lunch on both days will be delivered to the group.  Students will have an opportunity to pick from several lunch choices prior to the trip. Each lunch includes a sandwich or salad, a drink and a dessert. Students will make their lunch selections on Wed., Mar. 28 at the same time as the money exchange.

Remember, we will be in another country! If you want your student to have data and phone coverage you will need to contact his/her cell phone carrier.  The hotel that we are staying in has free wifi. One of the chaperones will have an international plan. We will be sure to get you his/her cell phone number in case of an emergency.

On Wed., Mar. 28 LTS will set up a “bank” here at LTS for students to exchange up to $30 in American dollars for Canadian currency. After the trip, the business office will re-exchange any Canadian money after the trip.  The $30 is for souvenirs and the mall trip.

Students are expected to uphold the Core Values of Long Trail in and out of school.  All School Rules, including dress code and cell phone policies, are expected to be followed.

An itinerary will be emailed to parents.


Bring one small duffle or suitcase and a backpack for daily use and a bag lunch/snacks. Students are expected to carry their own bags from the bus through the hotel; we are only gone for 1 night. PACK SPARINGLY!

Backpack items (things for the bus and each day):
Glasses, contacts & solution, sunglasses
Spending money (for snacks & souvenirs)
Watch or timepiece
Hat and gloves/mittens
Books, magazines, playing cards, portable games
Medicine (give to chaperones w/specific instructions)
Electronics: camera, cell phone, music device (w/charger or batteries)*
Sweatshirt or coat/jacket (temperature changes and wind)

Luggage items (pack appropriately for weather and being outdoors!)
1-2 pairs of nice pants (minimal holes/rips)
1-2 nice shirts (should cover you appropriately)
1-2 sweaters or sweatshirts
1 weather resistant light jacket [rain/windbreaker]
1-2 pairs of walking shoes/sneakers [WE WILL WALK A LOT!!!]
1 pair of flip flops for pool and hotel
hat and gloves/mittens
Underwear and socks
Bathing suit for the pool (appropriate)
Shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Personal products (perhaps orthodontic items, headache or allergy meds)

Musical instruments
Laptop computers or tablets
Uncomfortable/high heeled shoes
Weapons, tobacco, drugs, alcohol
Inappropriate clothing

* bring electronics at own risk of loss or damage



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