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For more than two decades, Long Trail students have used their summers to enhance themselves both mentally and physically. The Summer Learning Program aligns with some of our developmental and international goals for our students. This program allows for awareness on the student’s part of his/her growth and added responsibilities to community. A child can grow from reading about historical and contemporary problems, to researching them, to providing viable solutions.

The purpose of the Summer Learning Program is to keep students academically active and engaged over the summer hiatus from classes, homework, and exams. It allows them to gain awareness of other experiences that may not be offered in the classroom. The Summer Learning Program gets students involved in their own learning and excited about an area of personal interest. This creative endeavor will demonstrate their academic skills and allow them to showcase their individuality to the community. The multi-tiered program places students at their current level while anticipating individual progress and growth.

We hope that the program seems clear; however, as always, if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact the program team leaders.

Kim Rizio
(802) 867-5717 x147
(802) 362-2925 (home)

Students are initially assigned a program based on their grade level.  Most students will follow the recommended program for their grade division. With the ability to select from various types of projects at each level, as well as the flexibility to request a different tier than is recommended for a student’s grade level, there is ultimate choice, individualization, emotional investment, and ownership of the learning.  All new students are required to do the summer reading.

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Summer Reading Deadlines:Book #1 Analysis July 15 and Book #2 review First Day of School
Summer Reading List

Summer Project Deadlines: First Day of School for journal to mentor, by Back to School Night for sharing of project

Summer Experience Deadlines: First Day of School for journal to mentor, Back to School Night for sharing of presentation

Students enrolled in the Full IB Diploma Programme are required to meet Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) deadlines at the start of the school year, and are therefore exempt from this Summer Program.  These deadlines and requirements will be established by the IB Coordinator and represent a significant amount of thoughtful and in-depth work for the IB students.

Late Admits

Students who are admitted after the end of school and prior to July 15 will only be required to complete the book review with the presentation component. This late admission period extends to November 1, after which newly admitted students are waived from the requirement. The reporting grade will be non-binding for late admits.


The Summer Program will appear on student transcripts, named according to the level: Summer Reading, Summer Project, and Summer Experience. It will be a non-credit, graded course reported on the 1st Semester Progress Report. If the student fails to complete the summer project prior to grade reporting, a zero will appear and there may be an additional consequence. As a result, the student may not be promoted to the next grade or graduated.

New Students

A student just starting at LTS will only be required to complete a book analysis on a book selected from the LTS reading list; this written analysis will be due on the first day of school to the student’s English teacher. The following year, the student will follow the directions for returning students.


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