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PrintCamp Marvin  gives older campers the ability to explore personal interests and grow their skills through a variety of offerings.


Ages 8-12

Limit of 12 campers per class.





JULY 9-13
Reading Clubhouse (Kim Rizio)
Campers will spend the week learning and practicing the art of book discussions and analysis, with emphasis on good presentation as well as strong listening skills. Camp prerequisite: read Ellen Raskin’s The Westing Game so that the Clubhouse has one book in common to discuss. Over the course of the week, campers will introduce their own reading favorites to the group through discussions and activities. Clubhouse time will culminate in a Reading Forest, for which each camper will craft a 4 foot high reading tree with branches full of book choices and recommendations.

Cooking and Baking (Erika Tyler)

Theater Camp (Tracey Wesley) – Campers rehearse all week for a Friday performance.


JULY 16-20
Wildlife Adventures (Ernie Luikart)From pond life to woodland wildlife, we will get outside and see what we can learn about our local environments.  A variety of activities include using a microscope to see the smallest pond and stream creatures, and building a ‘trackway’ in the woods to see the footprints of the bigger wildlife in our area.

Music Exploration (Erika Tyler) – Music Exploration curriculum is still being explored.  The current plan is for campers to be able to try 4-5 different instruments throughout the week but I am waiting to hear back from some people to confirm.

Adventure Treks (Courtney Callo) – Hiking, swimming and Vermont fun.


JULY 23-27
Exploring Ecosystems (Ernie Luikart) – Campers will learn about local flora and fauna. You will get to collect some of what we find, and build temporary aquariums and terrariums for them while learning all about them.  A wildlife camera will be set up so we can find out about nocturnal critters too!

Adventure Treks (Scott Worland) – Hiking, swimming and Vermont fun.


JULY 30-Aug. 3
Cooking and Baking (Erika Tyler)

Math and Physics Fun (Todd Smith) – This summer course will be designed to enrich camper’s understanding and connections between Mathematics and elementary Physics.  We plan on using a logical approach to design, test, and retest projects such as bridges and catapults.  Campers will be given numerous challenges throughout the week whereby they will need to collaborate and solve puzzling problems.  Neat Mathematical tricks and tips will be happening throughout the week as well.

Adventure Treks (Scott Worland) – Hiking, swimming and Vermont fun.


Chelley Tifft
LTSummer Director
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