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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)is provided for those students not yet ready for immersion into the humanities curriculum at Long Trail due to language differences. Based on recommendations prior to the student’s arrival to the school, placement will be in ESOL Newcomer English or ESOL Intermediate English. Students will be evaluated at regular intervals. Coursework and lessons will target individual students’ needs with the ultimate goal of mainstreaming into English and history classes. The amount of time before a student is mainstreamed in these courses depends on her/his ability upon arrival and her/his growth while in the ESOL program.

Long Trail School proudly welcomes international students and offers them the opportunity to learn the language skills necessary to succeed both academically and socially. The Admissions Office and the International Coordinator determine the need for English as a Second Language. Prospective students are recommended for ESOL based on proficiency tests. Students anticipating earning a Long Trail School diploma must successfully complete at least one year of a regular English course. To attain a diploma, students must attend Long Trail School for a minimum of two years. Students must earn a minimum of twelve credits at Long Trail School in order to receive a diploma. Students wishing to waive these expectations need to petition the Dean of Academics and the International Coordinator.

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