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The Social Studies Department believes the study of history and the social studies disciplines enrich those who pursue it by developing a greater understanding of self and others. We employ a humanities-based approach that seeks to nurture responsible and informed national and international citizens who think critically, communicate articulately, and respect one another’s differences. Faculty model and motivate students to cultivate effective writing, research, and thoughtful inquiry skills that connect diverse bodies of knowledge. They also utilize technology extensively in everyday teaching. The Department actively encourages following student interests within the context of their subject matter. Members also promote student input into how to reach curricular goals. The Social Studies Department is committed to developing life-long learners and thoughtful, active citizens.

Students progression through the Social Studies Department is as follows: 6th & 7th grades: Humanities, 8th grade: World History, 9th Grade: United States History, 10th Grade: Modern World History/Advanced Modern World History, 11th & 12th grades: Social Studies semester courses or SL/HL History of the Americas and 20th Century World History. Students in 10th grade may take an Social Studies semester course in addition to the required course for their grade, but they may not replace the required course. New Social Studies semester courses may be added each year.

Course Title Code

Advanced Modern World History

Contemporary Global Leadership

Contemporary Global Politics

Contemporary Military History

Contemporary U.S. Presidents

Humanities: Exploring the Local to the Global

IB HL/SL 20th Century World History

IB HL/SL History of the Americas

Modern World History

United States History

World History