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Prerequisite: Successful completion of Integrated Science and recommendation of Science Faculty                 

Pre-IB Chemistry is a lab-based course which emphasizes the structure and behavior of atoms, composition and properties of compounds, reactions between substances and their accompanying energy changes, and laws which unite these phenomena into a comprehensive system. Numerous connections between chemistry and everyday life are made throughout this course. This course moves at a fast pace to accommodate the range of content covered. This course, taught through course readings, discussion, lab activities, projects, and field trips, prepares students for IB Science offerings.

This class assumes that students are independent learners who can work with limited teacher support. Students are advanced and enthusiastic readers; they can make inferences, draw connections, comprehend and appreciate texts with sophisticated vocabulary and themes read at a fast pace. Students are strong expository and narrative writers who understand grammar, mechanics, spelling and sentence/paragraph structure.


Course Information

  • Course Duration: Full Year
  • Course Credits: 1
  • Grade Level: 10

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