Discover Long Trail

Fresh out of college and into his new teaching career, Long Trail School founder David Wilson quickly learned that most schools take the “one size fits all” approach to education. Talented, bright young students were slipping through the cracks and not being pushed to excel, often not even being noticed.

After years of teaching within these confines, Dave and his wife Rene took their vision of what an education could be, and founded Long Trail School. With three faculty members and 14 students, they jumped into the unknown. Their instincts were right, however. With currently over 50 faculty and staff, 175 students, and more than 300 alumni in the country attending the best colleges and graduate programs, not to mention having impressive careers, it looks like their little idea was a good one.

Since 1975, Long Trail School has educated students based on a very simple notion. A close-knit school that offers stimulation, individualized attention, and encouragement will put forth focused, hardworking, and creative students.This simple idea boasts spectacular results. Our college-preparatory program for grades 6-12 yields high test scores, impressive college placement and, most importantly, individuals who know how to navigate life, pursue their ambitions, and work effectively.

Some of the best teachers in the business have congregated at Long Trail School, and it shows. They are tireless and completely dedicated to individualized education. They bring great intellectual diversity to their classrooms and operate under the assumption that they must teach students how to think, not what to think.

We are not an educational institution, but an educational community.