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This page will contain any current E-Rate documents.

Here is the original RFP for 2016 wireless network equipment.

Long Trail School-RFP-2016


Here is the RFP revised on 7/11/2016

Long Trail School-RFP -2016-Revised


Questions and Answers:

CC: I see that you wanted the controller/AP’s configured but were you also looking for the installation of the controller?

LTS: No, LTS will physically install the controller. The vendor needs to include remote support for configuration of the controller.

DH: The outdoor access points do not come in black or brown. Is there an alternative?

LTS: It is acceptable if the exterior access points may be painted. Please indicate in your proposal the color of the outdoor APs and that they are paintable. If they are paintable, LTS will do the painting. If the APs are not paintable, you must indicate the color of the exterior APs and indicate clearly that they are not paintable.

CC: What are the exact Aruba Network access points to meet the specifications?

LTS: The exact Aruba Network model numbers to meet the specifications are the following or equivalent APs:

1 of model AP-275
2 of model AP-274 with the necessary directional antennae
30 of model AP-205
2 of model AP-225

JG: How many years of support?

LTS: One year of Aruba support.

Thank you bidders. A vendor has been selected for this project. Future projects will be listed on this site.


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