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Living With a Host Family

studentsHost families serve as a necessary support system for international students as they adapt to their new environment. Much like a “real” family, they provide emotional comfort, nourishment and companionship. They are there to celebrate with the student in their accomplishments and offer encouragement, such as attending concert performances or cheering at sporting events. They also help the student become familiar with the area and serve as a gateway into American culture and tradition. Homestay families are always deeply appreciative of the cultural enrichment they gain by spending time with international students.

Immersion in English

English language immersion is the most important academic support a homestay family provides. There is no better way to learn a language than to speak with those already fluent. The homestay family provides additional academic support for the international student, explaining homework and any language or cultural issues that may arise.

Help with a College Search

Homestay families may also aid students in the application process for American colleges. Navigating the college admission process is a formidable challenge for any student, let alone one who is adjusting to new application complexities. As international students work with the LTS College Counselor, the homestay family can serve as an additional guide and support system.

Lasting Friendships

Most often, the relationships nourished between international students and homestay families develop into lasting friendships. Many times, homestay families continues to provide emotional support and a “home base” for international students well after they have left Long Trail School. For their college years and beyond, students feel they have another place to call home.

Become a Host Family

Our host families find the experience to be enriching and fulfilling, not just for the family as a whole, but as an educational experience for their children. To volunteer to host a student, please contact Dean of Students, Beth Bove at bbvoe@longtrailschool.org or 802.867.5717 ×107.


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