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NEXT MEETING: Monday, March 20 at 12:45 pm

January 9, 2017

Present:  Steven Dear, Courtney Callo, Chelley Tifft,  Kim Murphy, Emma van Burken, Meredith Morgan, Rachel Seebode, Jennifer Demauro, Cori Rail, Caroline Albert, Kristen Zens, Caren McVicker, Charlotte Gerstein

Steven: Proposed changes to Rule Series 2200 that threaten school choice and independent schools are still an issue.  The Crispe family has been active with Vermont School Choice Network.  This group is doing a mannequin challenge contest for independent schools to showcase the schools, with the theme:  What makes your school unique.  Prizes are $5000 for first place, $3000 for second place, and $1000 for 3rd and 4th.  Courtney is organizing Long Trail’s. There will be an event in Montpelier Jan. 25, as part of National School Choice Week, and Long Trail will send some kids, hopefully to draw attention to this issue.

At the LTS Board meeting on January 10 they will be discussing hiring a lobbyist. The Vermont Independent Schools Association has a lobbyist, but the interests/needs of schools like St. Johnsbury Academy and BBA are different from Long Trail’s.

Long Trail recently had an audit of finances and all is well, in the black, with the balance sheet improved over the last 3-5 years.

Steven is going to Florida at the end of the month to meet with LTS supporters/donors.  $5 million more is needed for the proposed expansion of the school facility.

The teachers liked the Northshire gift cards from LTPA.

Courtney: She is planning a parent social on Feb. 10 6:00-8:00 @ 3 Pears Gallery. It is the night before Air Band so parents can come while kids rehearse for Air Band. There will be a silent auction where parents donate items or services that represent their specialties/talents.

Long Trail did really well at Stratton 24.  Ours was the only school group.  Courtney said the kids represented the school well to the adults they rode on chair lifts with, etc.  There is a similar event coming up on January 29 called Ski For Heat at Bromley and WildWood.

Kim:  Ask Kim for a printed financial report.  Account balance is $5931.62

Emma: Java House is January 28. Rachel agreed to help with the talent. Kristen and Cori agreed to help with the decorations.  The theme is Chinese New Year, so we are looking for Chinese-themed decorations if anyone has some.  We will do an online sign-up for the concessions. We all liked the idea of having some of our Chinese students introduce some Chinese traditions around the holiday to start the event.  Mark McChesney will emcee.  We will make sure to have two breaks so people can buy refreshments.

The international potluck will be Thursday, February 2.

We will provide a BBQ lunch during Cabin Fever week, on March 7.  The Barn will do the grilled items, including veggie burgers and parents will provide side dishes.

Our next meeting will be March 20, after grade level meetings.

The end of the year meeting will be May 17, before the instrumental concert. We will do online voting for new officers before.

We will have a meeting Thursday, May 25, 7:00 pm to plan for the next year with the new officers.

Respectfully submitted,

Charlotte Gerstein for Amy Peckel

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