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Meeting Schedule: LTPA Meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month. CLICK HERE to view the agenda for Sept. 20.

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LTPA Minutes

07/25/18 | 6pm |

Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Cori Rail and Kristina Wildman at 6:02 pm.

Cori Rail and Kim Wildman introduced themselves as the Co-Presidents of the LTPA for the 2018/19 school year.

Attendance:  Adam Sancic, Alaire Smith-Miller, Beth Bove, Bonny Dutton, Caroline Albert, Chelley Tift, Cori Rail, Heather Orava, Heather Smith, Jamie Carter, Jon Mathewson, Kelley Chase, Kim Murphy, Kim Wildman, Kristina Schmidt, Mark Miller, MaryBeth O’Donnell, Mike Chase, Rhonda Schlangen, Seth Linfield, Steve Harrington

Approval of Minutes


Head of School Report: Seth Linfield

There will be 3 main points of focus for the 2018/19 school year:

  • College/ Career Readiness:
    • Scott Magrath now full time Director of College Counseling.
      • Focus will be on finding a college that fits/ matches the student.
      • Internships for students both local and out of state.
      • Life Coach: skills needed when students head to college (i.e. meals, bills etc.)
      • Help/ support with college applications
  • Athletics:
    • Field House should be completed for Fall 2019
    • Physical Activity will become a core requirement in 2019. Students must engage in at least one physical activity per academic year. For example: be E-club sports, PE class, intramurals, team sports, yoga
  • Parent Participation:
    • Psychology of Happiness (P.O.H): Seth will be teaching a P.O.H. course on a monthly basis for the entire student body. Will include assigned reading. Seth to share the readings with the parents.

Student Life Report: Beth Bove and MaryBeth O’Donnell

Student life has been reorganized a little.

  • Beth will focus on social and emotional growth which also encompasses health and wellness.
  • MaryBeth will focus on activities and CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service; an integral part of the IB program)
    • Kim Murphy and MaryBeth will be teaching CAS
      • Requirement for IB; however any student may take CAS
    • Community service to be completed via clubs.
    • All students will be required to participate in at least one club per academic school year.

LTPA By-Laws

See attached.

Action: Heather Orava motioned to accept the LTPA By-Laws with the following amendments: i) option of Co-President in lieu of a VP, ii) add managing Sign-Up Genius to Secretary’s duties. Seconded by Jon Mathewson. Approved unanimously.

Officer Election

Heather Orava was elected as LTPA Secretary

Treasury Report: Kim Murphy

Contact Kim Murphy if you wish to see a copy of the fiancial report.

  • Current balance of $5000. However most of this money is already earmarked for FOAthletics and FOArts.
  • LTPA fundraising has been flat for several years. Fundraising has just covered LTPA expenses. Need to increase fundraising in order to expand LTPA efforts
    • Income mostly generated from flower baskets and wreath and sales
    • Concession sales go to FOAthletics and FOArts.

LTPA 2018/19 Calendar

  • Wednesday 08/15/18:
    • Athletics Information Night. Due to the field house construction this event will be held in Manchester, VT. Location to be announced shortly. 
  • Monday 08/27/18
    • Back to School Coffee. Well attended event. Dependent on coffee, milk, sugar, edible donations. Require many volunteers to welcome new parents, and set up/ break down.
    • Action: Heather Orava to create sign up genius for event 
  • Thursday 09/13/18:
    • Back To School Picnic. Date moved from 08/15/8 due to parking constraints from field house construction. Open to all LTS families. This is also the date for Fall Trips. Students will be dropped back to LTS, picnic from 5-7pm. Note: there will be no pm buses on 09/13/18. Parents must make arrangements to pick up their children from the picnic.
    • Action: Kim Wildman motioned to allow the LTPA to spend up to $400 on chicken and paper goods for the event. Rhonda seconded. Approved unanimously
    • Action: Heather Orava to create sign up genius for picnic side dishes.
    • Seniors to have a separate dinner at the Head of School’s house
  • Tuesday-Thursday 09/25/18-09/27/18
    • Little MVL Soccer Tournament. For middle school students only (both boys and girls). Fun event run by the FOAthletics.  Many parents volunteer/ support even if their child does not play soccer. If interested in helping out please contact Deb Sheldon.
    • Action: Heather Orava to create sign up genius for event

Other Business


Next Meeting

  • Thursday, 09/20/18 | 6 pm, Long Trail School
  • LTPA will meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month

Action: LTPA to investigate using a virtual platform/ dial in with Jeremy so parents can attend meetings remotely. Mike Chase volunteered to assist.


Motion to adjourn was made at 7:15 p.m. and was passed unanimously.



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