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Meeting Schedule: LTPA Meetings are held at LTS on the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm.

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LTPA MINUTES:  Thursday, September 20, 2018

Attendance:  Cori Rail, Heather Smith, Jane Worley, Jackie Gold, Courtney Callo, Beth Bove, Kim Murphy, Meredith Morgan, Deb Sheldon, Roseanne Dennan, Seth Linfield

I. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.

II. Approval of Minutes: Subsequent to no minutes were taken at the last meeting; there were no minutes to approve.  (Consensus was obtained from the group about what transpired.)

III.  Standing Reports / Committees

  1. Seth Linfield, HOS:
  2. Provided + feedback to LTPA for efforts to support community.
  3. + feedback about caring behaviors demonstrated by student body, thus far, this year.
  4. Asks LTPA to act as vehicle to gather data from LTS community regarding input about what to do with ½ building (currently unplanned); a facility planning process related to strategic planning
  5. Recent incident of vaping was discussed with recommendation, but no definitive action, to explore how to best address this issue and other substance abuse issues.

Kim Murphy, Student Life:

Mary Beth O’Donnell

  1. Fall trip feedback was met with mixed reviews.
  2. Recommendation to share data that HOS shared regarding fact that 35%+ LTS graduates are 1st generation college applicants and can be used to create empathy among LTS community and support for field trips that incorporate trips to area colleges.
  3. Actively working on creation of spring class trips, German Infusion: LTS hosting foreign students.
  4. Feedback from Back to School Night & Picnic: There was a noticeable loss of Seniors.  LTPA would like to ask HOS to address all attendees in a formal manner.

Beth Bove

  1. Reports that relocation of 8th grade students to different area of the building resulted in + change.
  2. Climate Survey: Students are to survey teachers about everything. Discussion broadened with recommendation to includes survey LTS community at-large:  students, teachers, and parents.

Courtney Callo, LTS Development

  1. Annual Fund: Reports that about 1/3 of students, before entering LTS, came from public school which results in families lacking knowledge about what an annual fund encompasses.  65% of all LTS students benefit from scholarship aid, some of which is ascertained from towns that pay for all or some part of LTS tuition.
  2. Trailblazer Fund: This constitutes renaming the annual fund.   Fundraising primarily targets: the annual fund; efforts created by a Fundraiser Cabinet, LTS Alumni, and grandparents of LTS students.  This new fund helps to support many multi-faceted aspects of learning including:  academic, extracurricular, attracting faculty, support to fund Mentor Program with Scott McGrath, activities to build community, Great & Grand Day; (it was noted that 70% of grandparents have an active role in helping to pay for the costs of a grandchild(ren) at LTS).
  3. Field House Celebration: Courtney envisions that a celebration to include all of LTS community will occur when the facility is complete.
  4. Other Fundraising Opportunities: Price Chopper:  Allows shopper to identify where a portion of its proceeds can be allocated to a non-profit entity; LTS being one, there is a recommendation for all class parents to remind all parents to please consider participating in this fundraiser.  Amazon Smile:  Operates like the Price Chopper program; allowing the shopper to identify a non-profit entity that is provided a certain percentage of revenue generated by Amazon sales to be awarded to a non-profit entity.

Friends of Athletics:

Kim Murphy spoke on behalf of the former Chair.  At present, there is no Chair and there is a recommendation to keep this post open until the new Athletic Director

Friends of the Arts:

There is an identified need for volunteers to fill organizing costumes and Costumier

IV. Treasurer’s Report, Kim Murphy

LTPA Financial Activity report for 2017/18 (see final A/O 8/30/18). Submitted and approved.  Noted there is little $ for additional programs.  Main expenditures for the 2017 year included purchases:  clothing steamer used for theatre performances and a score board.  Major fundraisers completed by the LTPA:  Holiday wreaths, hanging plants, and running of concession stands.  Courtney Callo stated the Office of Development hopes to support reverse funding, meaning Development intends to fund endeavors identified as priority among LTPA, too.

V. New Business : LTPA Calendar of Events 2018-19

  1. Little MVL Soccer Tournament Tues, 9/25 Boys 4:30, Girls 5:45 & Thurs 9/27 Girls at 4:00, Boys 5:15. LTPA will run concessions and there is a need for snacks and water to be donated.  There was a discussion around the history of this tournament and it used to be a major fundraiser which resulted in raising $1000.00.
  2. Next Grade Level Meeting is October 1st.
  3. LTS will be closed on October 8th. for Indigenous Peoples’ Day (formerly known as Columbus Day), per new proclamation in VT to rename this holiday.
  4. Bus schedule change will occur on November 5th.

VI. Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.



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