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Lunches are $4.00
Monday’s are pizza from Sam’s Woodfired Pizza in Manchester. The rest of the week lunches are prepared in house by Deb Sheldon.
Tuesday through Thursday lunches come with a side salad or a yogurt and milk.
Friday’s are “Brown Bag Lunch” days and include a sandwich or wrap, fruit, chips, snack and milk or water. Eat at school or easily take it to go!

Tues., Jan. 16
Macaroni and cheese or hummus and pita chips
Wed., Jan. 17
Pancakes and bacon
Thurs., Jan. 18
Baked potato bar – fixings include broccoli, cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream, salsa, scallions
Fri., Jan. 19
Strawberry banana smoothies or hummus and pita chips

Mon., Jan. 22
Tues., Jan. 23
2 hot dogs or veggie dogs and baked beans
Wed., Jan. 24
Chicken or sweet potato & cheese quesadilla
Thurs., Jan. 25
Shepherd’s pie or hummus wrap with veggies
Fri., Jan. 26

Mon., Jan. 29
Tues., Jan. 30
Wed., Jan. 31
Thurs., Feb. 1
Fri., Feb. 2


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