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  • Check the Student Life Board in the Whalen Common Room for the soccer competition schedule for this week.
  •  Any Science Olympiad member available last period on Tuesday (2/13) should come to Jen’s room for practice. Afterschool practice will continue until 3:30 pm.
  • All buses depart at 12:30 on Friday.
MON., FEB. 12
BMSB practice 3:00-4:15
GMSB practice 4:45-5:30
BVB practice 5:30-6:45
TUES., FEB. 13
RC practice at LTS
BMSB practice 3:00-4:15
GMSB practice 4:45-5:30
GJVB practice 5:30-6:45

WED., FEB. 14
Rock Climbing Competition

BJVB practice 3:00-4:30
BVB practice 4:30-6:00
BMSB at Dorset 3:30
GMSB at Dorset  4:45
GJVB @ Black River 5:30
RC practice at LTS
BJVB vs. Black River 5:00 (playing at Green Mtn)
GJVB at West Rutland 5:00
BVB vs. Black River 7:00 (playing at Green Mtn)
FRI., FEB. 16

BJVB practice 12:30-1:45
BVB practice 1:45-3:00
Mon., Feb. 12
Tues., Feb. 13
Grilled cheese sandwich with chicken soup or veggie soup
Wed., Feb, 14
Penne pasta with pesto or strawberry banana smoothie
Thurs., Feb. 15
International Pot Luck Lunch-no School Store lunch served
Fri. Feb. 16
Tuna wrap or ham and cheese sandwich

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