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Parent Visit Days at Long Trail School – February 6coolscience


Class 1: Please check in by 10:30, class begins at 10:46
Lunch: 11:28
Class 2: class begins at 12:02
Optional Tour:  begins at 12:45

All current and prospective parents are invited to attend a class, have lunch, and experience Long Trail School firsthand.  LTS is proud of our teachers and our world class curriculum. We are thrilled to open our classrooms to the community and show it off.  We welcome all to come and sit in on a class or two, join us for lunch, and witness the exceptional opportunities that abound at LTS.

Guests may come for one or two classes and join in on a round table lunch with faculty, administration and students.

Classroom space is limited, so early registration is recommended.  For more information and registration, please contact Kim Murphy, Admissions Coordinator at 802-867-5717 x 191 or kmurphy@longtrailschool.org.


Class 1 – 10:46-11:28

Class Teacher Level
American Lit Kim R 10th grade
HL English Deb IB – 12th grade
Humanities Annie 6-7 grade
Early Literatuare James 8th grade
Geometry Todd 10th grade
Pre-Algebra Yvonne 7th grade
Diversity of Life (Science) Scott W. 11-12 grade
Health Amy 8th grade
Integrated Science Jen 9th grade
History of America Tess IB – 11th grade
Spanish Kelley IB – 11-12 grades
French Francois IB – 11-12 grades
German Kileen mixed
Art Foundations Anharad 9th grade
Acting/Improv Anna mixed
Music Techniques Geoffrey Middle School
Ceramics Hakan 8-9 grades


Class 2 12:02-12:44

Class Teacher Level
Humanities Annie 6-7 grades
Local Lore Kim R. 11th grade
Early Literature James 8th grade
AP Calculus Todd 12th grade
Algebra 2 Jody 9-10 grades
MS Math Yvonne 6-7 grades
SL Biology Scott W. IB – 12th grade
Chemistry Jen 10th grade
World History Tess 8th grade
IB 20th Century History Katie IB – 12th grade
US History Tim 9th grade
Studio Art Anharad 9th grade
US Band Geoffrey 8-10 grades
Design Hakan 8-9 grades
Media Krista 7th grade
Phys Ed Scott M. 6-7 grade



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