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Ages 8-13
$150 soccer camp only
or combine with an afternoon Camp Marvin class for a full-day camp!

9:00 – 11:30 am
June 26-30

Rene has played and watched soccer for over 30 years. He was mostly self-taught and developed his own personal style of playing and coaching. His passion and love for the sport inspires him to encourage and support children and adolescents to do their best to improve their personal skills, ability to do team-work, and to always do their best and never give up. He truly believe that soccer is a tool to teach and learn some very important life-values, such as respect, compassion, self-discipline, dedication and determination. He likes to offer athletes an experience that will enhance their athletic/soccer abilities, and their personal growth in general.

LTSummer Soccer Camp Description:
Individual skills– Work on ball control and foot-work. Dribbling and change of speeds while dribbling.

Passing and shooting– One/two touch passing, receiving and passing, receiving-turning and passing. Receiving-dribbling and passing. Short and medium distance passing. Dribbling and shooting, receiving and shooting, receiving-turning and shooting, striking half volleys and full volleys.

Movement without the ball– This aspect of the training will be taught through different sets of drills (rondos) where players will be encourage to move to space to receive the ball as well as making movements to create space for a third player. Create triangles and open ‘windows’ for passes. Awareness of depth and length of the field is learned on these drills.

1v1 attacking and defending– Put into use the ball control and foot-work. Attacking-Creating and finding space to bit defender, shoot, and score. Defending-Containing, force player to the sides, close angles, pock/take ball away, turn a defensive play into an attacking option.

Small sided games– Use the skills learned previously including individual skills, passing and shooting, movement without the ball, and 1v1.

Set pieces– According to the age groups we will work on both defensive and attacking aspects of different set pieces such as goal kicks, throw-ins, corner kicks, free-kicks, indirect kicks, and penalty kicks.

The practices are designed for the different age groups and allows for players of different levels to work together and support each other growth. Also, practices start at the basic levels, but it can be expected that they will be adjusted to increase the level of play (for a single or multiple players, or the whole group) if necessary. Every player will be challenged at her/his own pace.


CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF RENE’S CAMPS FOR OLDER KIDS: The camps listed on the flyer are not affiliated with LTSummer.  To register or for questions please contact renenavarrete79@gmail.com.


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