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Ernie teaches IB Physics at Long Trail. In the past he has taught AP Chemistry, Geology, and Environmental Science, and led Outing Club and Strategic Games Club.  His Master’s degree involved field geology and fossils in southwestern Montana, and he has done a lot of field work for the American Museum of Natural History, finding vertebrate fossils in the sedimentary basins of the Rocky Mountain region.  Ernie lives in Poultney with a dog, a cat, 5 crested geckos and an aquarium full of fish. He has two daughters in 7th and 9th grades. Hobbies include: Fossil finding and preparation, grafting heritage apples trees, playing chess, making aquariums and terrariums for interesting critters.


Contact Information

  • Position Title: IB Physics
  • E-mail address: ernie.luikart@longtrailschool.org

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