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Clubs and Organizations

students outsideWe offer a number of extracurricular clubs and activities, but also encourage students to create new groups as interest arises. Our current list of clubs includes:

Student Council

Middle School and Upper School Student Council members take an active role in helping shape policy at Long Trail. The purpose of this group is to provide the bridge between the student population, the faculty, staff, and the administration of the school while working to ensure any policies put in place are based on the needs of the student body.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors work with the Director of Marketing in all areas that help to promote Long Trail School. They also work with the Admissions Office helping organize campus visits for applicants, New Student Orientation and as LTS hosts.

National Honor Society

The LTS branch of the National Honor Society (NHS) inducts members from grades 10-12 who have been enrolled for at lease one year and maintain a B average or better in all classes. A faculty committee chooses members who exhibit scholarship, leadership, service, character, positive attitude, responsibility, and respect for others. The NHS participates in a number of direct service and fundraising initiatives outside the school as well as shaping our internal culture through various activities.


Mathcounts is a national middle school coaching and competitive mathematics program that promotes mathematics achievement through a series of fun and engaging “bee” style contests.

Yearbook Committee

Our yearbook is written, edited, funded, and designed by upper school students supervised by a faculty advisor. Students enroll in Yearbook for course credit.

Environmental Club

The environmental club is open to all students who care about promoting green initiatives, learning about our environment, and thinking of creative ways that our school and the individuals in it can improve and preserve our local and global environment.

Outing Club Logo whiteLTS Outing Club

The Outing Club organizes many adventurous trips throughout the year. Trips are announced at Morning Meetings.

KURA (Kids Uniting for Rural Africa)

The mission of The KURA Project is to improve literacy in the Laisamis District of Marasibit County in Northern Kenya and seeks to advance the cause of education and future opportunity for this underserved population.  

Other Popular Clubs

These are offered based on the interest level of current students. Students are encouraged to organize new clubs as well:

Tennis Club
  • French Club
  • LTS Engineering Club

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