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Name Position Department

Anharad Llewelyn

Arts Chair , ,

Anna Bean

Drama Teacher

Beth Bove

Dean of Students and Human Resources

Chelley Tifft

Director of Marketing and LTSummer

Colleen Fiore

Director of Support Services , ,

Courtney Callo

Director of Institutional Advancement & LTStudies International

Dana Tifft

Director of Operations

Deb MacDonald

English ,

Erika Tyler

Music ,

Ernie Luikart

IB Physics , ,

Francois Secordel

French and LTStrings , ,

Geoffrey Gee

Upper School Music Director ,

Hakan Brosnan

Art & Yearbook ,

Irene Goyette


Jen Rosenthal

Science and Middle School IB Coordinator ,

Jeremy Crumb

Systems Manager

Jill Burke

Support Services

Jody Sanderson


Katie Redding

Director of Admissions & IB History , ,

Kelley Swarthout

Spanish, World Languages Chair, Upper School IB Coordinator , ,
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