IB Diploma Programme

  • Participate in and complete internal/external assessments for six IB courses — 3 (or not more than 4)
  • Higher Level courses and 3 (or 2) Standard Level courses
  • Complete Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • Submit an original Extended Essay, an in-depth study of a limited topic chosen by the student and supervised by the supervisor within a subject and no more than 4,000 words
  • Approximately 40 hours
  • Complete a Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Plan
  • At least 150 hours divided among the categories completed over 2 years

Option to Participate in individual IB Level Courses

All students are invited to participate in IB courses. A non-diploma student participating in an IB course must complete all internal and external assessments for that course. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that student should sit for the IB exam. Students who choose to take exams and pass will receive certificates from IBO in a given subject, and may choose to apply for college credit or advanced standing as available.

Two Year Calendar for 2014 IB Candidates

Please note: This two year overview gives a general idea of when the various assessments will occur. IB diploma students will periodically receive up-to-date monthly calendars for their IB binders.


August EE Abstracts and Introduction
September CAS Proposals
October CAS Journal Review
November EE 5 Page Draft
Bio Lab Write-Up
December Language A1 Reflection
January Semester 1 Exams 
Language A1 World Literature Paper
February EE 10 Page Draft and Theatre Research Investigation Draft
March CAS Journal Review
April Theatre Performance & Production Presentation
May EE Complete First Draft 
Language A1 Individual Oral Presentations 
Theatre Research Investigation
June Final Exams
Summer History Research 
Extended Essay Revisions 
Math Studies Data Collection 
CAS Projects and Journal 
o Creativity 
o Action 
o Service 
Note: Students must work on CAS every week of the two year Programme, even in the summer


August Revised EE Final Draft
September CAS Journal Review 
Math Studies Data Due
October Bio Lab Write-Up 
Group 2 Interactive Oral #1 
History Historical Investigation
November TOK Presentation 
Math Studies Calculations
December EE Final Paper Submission 
Group 2 Interactive Oral #2 
Math Studies Rough Draft 
Bio Lab Write-Up
January CAS Journal Review 
Math Studies Final Draft 
Language 1 Individual Oral Commentary 
Semester 1 Exams 
Theatre Practical Performance Proposal 
Music Composition
February TOK Paper 
Group 2 Interactive Oral #3 
Music Performance
March Art Show 
Group 2 Individual Oral 
Math Portfolio 
Group 2 Written Assessment
April Theatre Independent Project Portfolio
May External Assessments
June CAS Wrap-Up


Due to the rigor of the full International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, a student enrolled in any IB course can expect to be completing work during the summers before both their junior and senior years. Full DP candidates must work on Extended Essay requirements in lieu of the Summer Reading Program. A handbook detailing the expectations can be found below.


CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) Guide IBO For students graduating in 2010 and thereafter
EE (Extended Essay) Guide IBO First examinations 2013 (NOTE: Is this the same as the LTS Extended Essay Handbook 2013
TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Guide IBO First examinations 2008
TOK Understanding Knowledge Issues
TOK Poster


For more information on the IB Programme, visit www.ibo.org.

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