Theory of knowledge (TOK) plays a special role in the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), by providing an opportunity for students to reflect on the nature of knowledge, and on how we know what we claim to know.”

Long Trail is featuring Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Tuesdays this year with posts on Facebook.  We welcome and encourage your thoughts on the weekly topic.


February 9 – TOK Tuesday – Check out 11th grader Nava Crispe’s amazing TOK presentation – Is there a relationship between religion, religiosity, and success? Furthermore, are genetic traits, cultural factors, traditions, customs, and religiously-emphasized values key determiners of intelligence and potential?good-infographic-the-almighty-dollar-_-mapping-distribution-of-income-by-religious-belief


January 19 – TOK TUESDAY – Who are some of the key thinkers in history and what did they contribute to epistemology?


January 12 – TOK TUESDAY – In Alex Ramsvig’s recent TOK class, students explored the question “To what extent are generalizations about men and women justified?”- but they were only allowed to discuss using the white board. They observed almost an entire period of silence with just writing.

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January 5 – TOK TUESDAY – History, human sciences: “A knowledge of history is essential to an understanding of the present.” Discuss!


Dec. 22: Sense perception, human scienc

es: Is our sense of taste culturally conditioned, or innate?


Dec. 15:  Is politics about reason or emotion?



Dec. 8: Can anything be art?

Turner Prize exhibition 2015 Nicole Wermers, Copyright: picture alliance/empics/Andrew Milligan

Nov. 10: How did we find out information before Google?


Nov. 3: What are the disadvantages and advantages of not feeling emotions?

emotions 11

Oct. 27: Can computers have a sense of humor?

sense of humor 10

Oct. 20: Can experiences be passed on genetically?

genetics 10

Oct. 13: Do we have enough evidence to prove that playing video games makes us more violent?

video games 10.13


Oct. 6: Do calculators help or hinder our ability to acquire mathematical knowledge?


Sept. 29: What do your selfies say about you?

Selfies 9.29

Sept. 22: To what extent is art a “way of showing I’m here”?

Art 9.22

Sept. 15: Is science a belief system, after all?

Science 9.15

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