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School Rules

Long Trail enforces basic rules so the entire school community may learn in a safe and productive environment. The School will respond to actions deemed detrimental to Long Trail with appropriate punishment including but not limited to in-house restrictions, warning, probation, suspension or expulsion. Long Trail must also abide by state and federal laws; certain behaviors may have legal implications beyond the jurisdiction of Long Trail School.

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Honor Code

The Honor Code is an important guiding principle of the Long Trail community. Developed by the Student Council, the Code outlines the conduct expectations that the community has for each member. To serve as a constant reminder, the Code is painted on the wall of the Whalen Common Room, a main gathering area on campus. Each fall, students and faculty recite the Honor Code at Assembly and new students sign their name to acknowledge their agreement with the Code.

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Discipline and Disclosure Policy

We believe that children learn from mistakes. The discipline process is the school community’s response to a concern that a member has violated the values that we hold dear. The process is intended to further educate the student about the School’s values and expectations, to hold the student responsible for her/his actions, to remind the student of her/his commitment to the community, and to educate the community as well. Students are expected to cooperate in the investigations of infractions.

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There is a limit to the number of absences that a student can accrue. Excused absences are not considered under the policy described below.

A student may not exceed 10 absences per class per semester. For classes that only meet twice a week, a student may not exceed 5 absences per class per semester. Students who exceed this limit may expect quarter grades to suffer. Extracurricular participation in activities such as sports, clubs and organizations, performances and/ or school sponsored events may be jeopardized.

A student whose health prevents him/her from staying within these limits will meet with the Dean of Academics to determine the next appropriate steps, which may include a leave of absence. Attendance is an essential part of the school experience and the School cannot reasonably accommodate extended absences.

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Electronic Citizenship

Every community member who uses Long Trail School computers or its wireless network is accountable for upholding our Core Values of Integrity, Kindness of Spirit, Openness, Social Responsibility and Stewardship. Because every member of our community has basic rights and responsibilities, it is considered unethical to violate these rights or ignore these responsibilities.

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