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At Long Trail School,  we believe that summer reading is meant to encourage the enjoyment of reading and to develop our students’ abilities to choose books for themselves. During the school year, students have little choice in what is read within our classrooms (besides reading on their own for pleasure). During the summer months, we want our students to be able to read and explore topics of their own interest and genres. By allowing the students to practice choosing books, self-regulating when and where they read, and sustaining that reading over the summer, we hope students’ identities as readers will continue to grow throughout the summer months. The students’ choice of reading will also foster a vibrant and diverse community of readers upon their return to school in the fall. Their summer reading experience will stimulate an exciting conversation about books both with their peers and with their teachers.

Studies have shown that students who choose to read on their own and find reading a pleasant experience are far more likely to experience the benefits of reading, such as improved vocabulary, wider background knowledge, greater reading comprehension, and increased likelihood of becoming a lifelong reader. Through research, we know that students need a choice of reading materials that correspond to student interests and reading level, time and opportunity for sustained reading, and the opportunity to interact socially around reading. Parents are encouraged to assist students in choosing age-appropriate books at or a little above your child’s reading level.  We have included a recommended reading list which will give families ideas to chose from.


No written work is required for grades 6-9, but please be prepared to share your thoughts about the books with your classmates.

GRADE 6 & 7
Read Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry.
Read This is Not a Pipe Dream by Barry Kornhauser.
Read one book of your choice or one from the Summer Reading List.
Read Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Patillo Beals.
Read one book of your choice or one from the Summer Reading List.
GRADES 10-12
Summer work depends on the classes you are enrolled in. Students will receive an email with information on summer expectations.


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