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The Arts at Long Trail

page photo trio on stageLong Trail School’s Visual and Performing Arts faculty has a deep commitment to helping students discover and express their creative selves. From our award-winning and internationally recognized drama program to the professional experience of our music faculty to the innovative and creative environment of the studio arts teachers, the Arts Department’s classes empower students to become creators. We believe the arts develop individuals by allowing them to find the courage to take creative risks.

Theatre Arts

Our award-winning theatre program provides students with an inspiring and supportive venue to explore the crafts of acting, improvising, and directing. Students explore the deepest facets of imagination and spirit, as they learn to trust and connect with others and foster creativity within.

Our Middle School Drama course introduces younger students to the fundamentals of acting where they have the opportunity to work with upper class student directors as well as their teachers.

At the Upper School, various acting techniques are explored including Meisner and Stanislavsky. Students may also take courses on directing, learning the significance of set design, blocking, in-depth character and script analysis, and how to direct other students in scenes and short plays.


At the music school, students develop their skills in the appreciation, understanding, and performance of music.

Starting at the Middle School level, our experienced faculty establishes a foundation in education and ensemble. Students learn technique, theory, notation, balance, harmony and more, through hands-on group lessons, analysis and discussion, and ensemble collaboration.

At the Upper School, vocal students develop their individual voice as well as become high functioning members of an ensemble, learning sensitivity and teamwork. Band classes incorporate collaborative workshops where students learnt to compose, arrange and improvise. The Senior Wind Ensemble performs small-group arrangements of jazz, classical, and Dixieland, advancing their musicality on an individual and group basis.

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program not only equips students with techniques in color theory, drawing, painting, ceramics and other media, but also an understanding of the design, context, and emotional impact of compelling artwork.

Middle School Studio Arts allows students to explore the elements of art and principles of design, as well as understand art’s role in history. Students are challenged to problem solve, think creatively, and express themselves through innovative studio projects that help them find their own artistic voices.

Upper School students hone their skills in drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, and mixed media, as well as expand their knowledge of design. The study of various time periods and cultures is fundamental in providing students with a comprehensive understanding of art, and its significance to both them as individuals, and the world at large.

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