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Q: How does the application and decision process work?

A. Once an application is complete, it is personally reviewed by the Admissions Team, that consists of select leadership, faculty and staff members. The Head of School has ultimate authority on an admission decision.  Information on the application process can be found here.

Q: Why should I choose an independent school?

A. There are several reasons why we feel being an independent school helps us offer an exceptional education.  Read about them here.

Q: What is the International Baccalaureate Program (IB)?

A. The IB Program is a rigorous course of study designed to develop the skills needed to live, learn, and work in a rapidly globalizing world. Individual IB classes are open to all Long Trail juniors and seniors so that all students have the exceptional opportunity to experience the benefits of IB classes even if they are not enrolled in the full Diploma Program.    For more information on LTS and IB, click here.

Q: When are applications accepted?

A. Early Decision applications are due by December 1 and notifications are mailed out by the holiday break. Early Decision applications are helpful for families who intend on applying for financial aid and scholarships.  After the Early Decision deadline, applications are processed monthly.

Q: How do I schedule a test date?

A. Applicants take the WRAT 4 on their visit day.  If for some reason, testing did not happen on this day, an alternative time can be arranged with the Admissions office.

Q: What is the release of records form?

A. This form allows us to receive copies of the applicant’s latest transcripts and standardized testing results from their current school.

Q: I homeschool my child. What do I need to provide for transcripts?

A. For homeschoolers we require a proof of a state certified and approved homeschool curriculum.

Q: Does Long Trail require a “visit” day for all applicants?

A. If students are applying during the regular school year, they are strongly encouraged to spend a day at LTS with a student host.

Q: When will we hear about admissions decisions?

A. Students applying for Early Decision will be notified prior to the LTS holiday break. All other applicants are notified on a monthly basis.

Q: What should families do if they have additional questions about admissions?

A. Ask us! Families are encouraged to call the Admissions Office at any time with questions.

Q: Does the Director of Admissions see every application?

A. Yes, the Director of Admissions sees every application and enjoys meeting with every student and family personally.

Q: Will it make a difference in the decision if someone has applied for financial aid?

A. Our admissions process is “need-blind,” meaning that we evaluate students on their merits alone, without knowledge of their financial background.

Q: How is financial Aid allocated?

A. Once admitted, our financial aid is “need-based,” meaning it is thoughtfully determined by evaluation of your PFS (Parental Financial Statement) generated at TADS. The LTS Business Office will work with your family to understand your financial situation and arrange aid based on your demonstrated need.

It is important to note that financial aid is allocated on a first come basis and each year there is a finite amount that can be awarded.

For direct questions on financial aid, please contact our business office.

Q: Is transportation available?

A. Yes, LTS has a large fleet of buses and an extensive network of routes traversing Southwestern Vermont.  There is an additional cost for busing that is calculated based on distance traveled to and from school.  Bus schedules

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