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A concussion is an injury to the brain that changes the way the brain functions. Recent research has greatly enhanced our understanding of concussions but there is still much to discover about these injuries.  Please educate yourself about concussions by reviewing the information below. Students and parents must sign the Athletic Participation Form acknowledging the availability and receipt of this information.

Concussion Management Action Plan and Return to Play Protocol

  • Long Trail will follow a Concussion Management Action Plan in the event of a possible concussion.
  • An athletic trainer, coach, or official will make the initial decision to remove the athlete from play when a concussion is suspected.
  • Upon this initial assessment, an athlete must then seek an official medical diagnosis from a health care provider.
  • If a concussion is confirmed, the athlete must sit out from athletic participation for the health care provider’s prescribed period of time. Additionally, this information will be shared with the dean of academics and appropriate teachers so that an academic plan may be implemented as the injury heals.
  • The athlete may be cleared to return to play only with the signed permission of a health care provider.
  • Long Trail School’s athletic director or head coach will inform the parent or guardian when a student is suspected of suffering a concussion.


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