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Chromebook Checkout Policy

This poilcy pertains to the Chromebooks housed in the specified cart kept in the Library.

No other Chromebooks can be taken from Long Trail School.  Classroom Chromebooks must be returned to their appropriate cart by the end of the last academic class.

The Chromebook Check-Out Agreement must be signed by the student and financially responsible parent/guardian before the student may borrow a Chromebook set (Chromebook, charger, and laptop case).


Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Email chromebooks@longtrailschool.org before the start of the last class and pick it up after school.

Chromebook sets:

  • May only be checked out for one night at a time.
  • May not be checked out over vacations.
  • May only be used by the student checking it out.
  • May only be used for school-related work.
  • Must be returned to the professional at the front desk BEFORE advisory begins the next morning.


By signing this document, the student agrees to only use the Chromebook in accordance with the Acceptable-Use-Policy found in the LTS Student-Parent Handbook, and understands that the school has permission to monitor this school device and its location at all times. Users are expected to follow all laws, including copyright laws. The sharing or transferring of copyrighted materials with this Chromebook is prohibited. While the school maintains the right to monitor use of this Chromebook, parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring the use of this device when it is not on the school network. Internet filtering and antivirus software on the computer may not be disabled for any reason. If the student does not follow these guidelines, access to the take-home computers will be revoked.


The student agrees to properly handle and care for the entire Chromebook set while in possession of it. The student shall not attempt to damage, open, repair, or in any way alter any portion of the kit. Personalization of the laptop and tampering with existing identification labels/stickers is strictly prohibited and considered vandalism. The Chromeboook shall remain in the case during all transportation activities. The set includes a computer, charger, and case. Each component must be returned in the same condition you received it. If any component is broken when the student receives the Chromebook set, the student must notify the professional at the front desk as soon as possible; the latest any damage can be reported without being charged is when the set is checked in. If any components are lost, stolen, or broken while they are in the student’s possession, the student and his/her parent/guardian agree to reimburse LTS for the cost of the repair or replacement.


Use of a Chromebook is free; however, misuse or loss of the Chromebook, charger or laptop bag will result in the following:

  • A $1.00 fee per business day (max. 5 days) if the Chromebook set or any individual components are not returned.
  • The student’s account will be charged for any individual components of the Chromebook set that are not returned after 5 days as follows: $250 for the Chromebook, $50 for the charger and $30 for the laptop case.
  • If a student does not report the missing/broken equipment and the following student that checks it out does report the missing/broken equipment, the first student will be charged for the cost of the repair or replacement plus a $5.00 service fee.

When the Chromebook set is returned, a parent/guardian may request any late fee be waived for any school days that the student has an excused absence or excused tardiness. If the fees are not paid within a business week, the student’s access to the take-home Chromebooks will be revoked.

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