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During the first ten (10) instructional days of a semester, students may request to change course(s) by completing this form.  Courses cannot be changed after the tenth (10th) class day.

Schedule Change Requests will be considered on a case by case basis.  Change Requests will be granted if the students was scheduled in the wrong level course. Changes will not be allowed if:

  • The class requested has reached its enrollment capacity;
  • The class requested does not meet at a time that will compliment the rest of the schedule;
  • It is strictly a teacher or friend request.


By submitting this request you agree to the following:

  • I understand that not all requests can be accommodated.  
  • I understand that in some cases in order to accommodate a request, other changes may have to be made in my schedule.
  • I understand that I remain enrolled in and need to attend my current classes until I am informed by the Registrar or Dean of Academics of any official changes.
  • I understand the the Registrar or Dean of Academics will notify me whether or not my change request can be granted.

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