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The program of study in the English Department improves students’ awareness of the important roles that language and literatre play in their personal and intellectual development in the academic world and beyond. The English curriculum emphasizes the development of written and oral skills, of comprehension skills, of critical appreciation, of logical analysis, and of increasingly sophisticated expression of ideas.

While the English curriculum focuses on competence in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, it also provides opportunities that help students become discriminating users of resources. Literary and media works, selected for both content and style, promote humanistic attitudes, aesthetic appreciation, global awareness, and critical evaluation skills. This program of study encourages the development of each student’s potential through critical thinking, clear writing, articulate presentation, effective communication, thoughtful risk-taking, intelligent decision-making, and respect for others.

Students’ progression through English is as follows: 6th & 7th grades: Humanities, 8th grade: Early Literature, 9th Grade: Literature by Genre/Advanced Literature by Genre, 10th Grade: American Literature/Advanced American Literature, 11th & 12th grades: English semester courses or SL/HL English. Students in grades 8 through 12 may take an English semester course in addition to the required course for their grade, but they may not replace the required course. New semester courses will be added annually.

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