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The Long Trail Mathematics Department curriculum provides students with a “toolbox” of skills that can be put to use in any problem solving situation. The department strives to teach students to become critical and creative thinkers. This is accomplished through collaborative work in the classroom and by fostering a learning environment that promotes academic risk taking. The department philosophy is to focus on the means used to solve a problem rather than just the end result. In the process of developing math literacy in our students, we teach them to value mathematics and its relevance in everyday life.

The courses taken by a student reflect a combination of the student’s past experience, mathematical ability and future plans. Three years of high school math through Algebra 2 is the basic requirement for acceptance to a four-year college; however, more and more colleges increasingly require Pre-calculus and/or Calculus, especially for those desiring to major in a math-related field. These requirements can be met by completing the IB math sequence. Course selections should reflect the future plans of each individual student.

Please note that students are not allowed to take two math courses in the same year without approval by the Dean of Academics. Students may not double in math classes prior to Geometry.

The courses below are offered in sequence. Students are placed in the math courses appropriate for their level of accomplishment.

Course Title Code

AP Calculus, AB/BC

AP Statistics

Core Connections 1

Core Connections 2

Core Connections 2 & 3

Core Connections 3

Core Connections Algebra 1

Core Connections Algebra 2

Core Connections Geometry

Discrete Mathematics

Integrated Mathematics 1

Integrated Mathematics 2

Math Applications

Problem Solving

SL Math Studies

SL Mathematics


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