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The Science Department is committed to a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Each of our classes is designed to provide students with a hands-on introduction to various concentrations of science. From Earth Science in 6th grade through Higher Level IB and AP sciences, students are prepared for their next year of study and ultimate success at the college level.

Students are given an opportunity to design experiments that answer questions that they generate about the curricular content. Technology is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of the curriculum. Computer technology and advanced probes allow for measurement of a wide range of variables. Students study molecular biology using microscopy and genetics equipment that allows for protein and DNA electrophoresis as well as cloning of isolated fragments. Data collection and analysis is largely conducted with advanced computer technology.

Both the working greenhouse and our ideal location, adjacent to diverse natural environments, benefit our science programs, easily lending themselves to the study of applied ecology in many classes. Students collect data, both on and off of campus, to develop practical science skills, often in partnership with local and regional colleges, universities, and research initiatives. For example, as part of Harvard Forests’ Citizen Science Projects, middle school students study the presence and advancement in range of the Woolly Adelgid beetle in our region while ninth graders study the growing season for various tree species around campus. Long Trail’s streams research fosters a strong collaborative relationship with colleges and universities including UVM., St. Michael’s College and Middlebury College. These research opportunities allow students to pursue independent research and collaborate with other highly motivated students.

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Anatomy and Physiology

AP Physics



Earth Science

Enivronmental Systems

Environmental Chemistry

Health and Human Body

Integrated Science

The Physical Environment

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