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Long Trail recognizes the importance of intercultural communication in the 21st century and aims to foster an open-minded and reflective attitude towards foreign languages and cultures. Our language program strives to prepare students in the four essential skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in French, Spanish and German.

Respect for cultural diversity is highly valued at Long Trail and to this end, a crucial part of the World Language Department’s mission is to expose students to the traditions, food, music, and other cultural expressions of the foreign language they study. Our goal is to foster students’ appreciation for other ways of life and teach them the skills they need to achieve communicative proficiency in the target language.

Students are placed in world language courses by the faculty based on their proficiency. Introductory courses are offered in middle school and upper school. Native speakers and transfer students will be placed depending on their proficiency.

Course Title Code

Ab Initio Language 1 & 2

Advanced Language 1 & 2

Intermediate Language 1, 2, & 3

Novice Language 1 and 2

SL and HL Language 1 & 2

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