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Languages offered: French, German, Spanish

*Ab Initio courses are accelerated IB language courses designed for students who may not be ready for SL coursework at the end of their sophomore year. These courses move more quickly than regular Intermediate courses and result in SL credit towards the student’s IB Diploma.

Students in these classes will achieve an intermediate high level in reading, writing, speaking and listening proficiency (based on the ACTFL standard) in one to three years. Students will be assessed on active participation as well as their daily preparation for class. First year students will learn vocabulary and structures for addressing social and travel situations. Second year students will continue to expand their range of expression in these areas. Third year students will be able to converse on a wide variety of common topics in the major time frames (present, past and future) and write simple descriptions and narrations of paragraph length on everyday events and situations in present, past and future. These classes are conducted primarily in the target language.


Course Information

  • Course Duration: Two Years
  • Course Credits: 2
  • Grade Level: 11 and 12
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