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Languages offered: French, German, Spanish

Students in this 2-year program achieve an advanced low/mid level (for SL) or advanced mid/high level (for HL) in reading, writing, speaking and listening proficiency (based on the ACTFL proficiency standard). Students are assessed on active participation as well as daily preparation for class. These are accelerated courses in which students continue to build proficiency and confidence in the target language while using authentic, unabridged materials, such as newspaper articles, opinion pieces, works of fiction and feature films. Discussions and writings are developed around the core topics and options offered in the IB curriculum, and include activities such as exploring current events and cultural trends, and preparing skits and presentations.

At the culmination of their second year, SL students can converse clearly and fluidly on a variety of familiar topics with accuracy and precision, and compose multiple paragraph texts that clearly and concisely communicate the intended message.

At the culmination of their second year, HL students can contribute actively to conversations, providing structured arguments and constructing hypotheses to support their opinions, write extensively about topics that are familiar to them as well as show some ability to deal with abstract, global or interpersonal themes, and show good control of major time frames in their speaking and writing.

At the Advanced Level, instruction is provided almost exclusively in the target language.


Course Information

  • Course Duration: Full Year
  • Course Credits: 1
  • Grade Level: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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