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Prerequisite:  IB SL Math 2 completion and approval from Math faculty

This course prepares students to take the Calculus AB or BC exam through an intense study of functions, graphs, limits, derivatives, applications of derivatives, optimization, integration, slope-fields, and applications of integration. BC students also study techniques of integration, volume by cylindrical shells, improper integrals, sequences, series of constants, power series and Taylor polynomials, plane curves and parametric equations, polar coordinates and graphs, cylindrical and spherical coordinates, arc length and surface area, conic sections, vectors, lines, and planes in 2 and 3 dimensions. Students will learn techniques that will help them to solve typical AP calculus problems with and without the aid of technology.


Course Information

  • Course Duration: Full Year
  • Course Credits: 1
  • Grade Level: 11 and 12
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