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Prerequisites: Chemistry and approval from Science faculty

In the study of life, SL Biology introduces students to the key unifying themes that are shared among all of life as well as the diversity of strategies that are utilized for survival. The living world is explored from the micro to the macro scale using many different approaches, technologies, and techniques. The urgency of understanding and applying biological sciences is only increasing as the human population grows and exerts increasing pressure on the Earth’s limited resources. Key advances in cell culturing and genetic technology also place the biological sciences in a powerful place in the treatment of long-standing diseases. Students explore these and other topics as they become aware of how scientists work and communicate with each other and apply the scientific method. Extensive laboratory research and an interdisciplinary project are key components of this course.


Course Information

  • Course Duration: Two Years
  • Course Credits: 2
  • Contacts: Scott Worland
  • Grade Level: 11, 12

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