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Prerequisite: Chemistry and approval from Science faculty

SL Physics is a study of classical and modern physics. The core syllabus describes a non-calculus based study of the fundamental topics of physics. Emphasis is on personal experience in the scientific method. While focusing on the development of both scientific knowledge and scientific activity, students of SL Physics will make connections within three domains: laws of physics, experimental skills, and the social and historical aspects. SL Physics is limited to the eight core topic areas and one optional topic. The standard level course is identical to the higher-level course, but does not include the additional material, which tends to be more mathematically intensive. This course is designed for those who enjoy mathematics and science but do not hunger for the intensive study that comes with the higher level. Along with physics content, students will investigate a wide variety of physical phenomenon through laboratory work. Students will take a rigorous approach to planning, data collection and data analysis, and will evaluate their work with a critical mind.


Course Information

  • Course Duration: Two Years
  • Course Credits: 2
  • Grade Level: 12

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