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Long Trail School’s Support Services Program provides a comprehensive range of individualized academic support services, accommodations, and self-advocacy skills that promote the full integration of students with learning differences into the mainstream college-preparatory environment.

A Learning Specialist, an academic coach, provides guidance, scaffolding, but most importantly leads the student to a path towards independence, and is also a liaison with teachers when necessary.

Students enrolled in the Support Services Program work with an individualized plan, and work one-on-one or in small groups to build skills with a variety of materials. Skills worked on include:

  • Basic language skills: orthography (spelling), grammar, mechanics, and decoding
  • Written expression: sentence variety, paragraph structure, and thesis formulation
  • Reading comprehension: understanding text structures, vocabulary, textbook format, expository and narrative forms, preview text, inquiry, active marking of text, gleaning of main idea and supporting details, inferential reasoning, and written response
  • Study skills: time management, management of resources, using a planner and calendar, scheduling of projects, note-taking, and test preparation
  • Content support: Provide content support in English, science, social studies and world languages.

Course Information

  • Course Delivery: two to four classes per week
  • Course Credits: 0

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