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In this class students explore different locations and time periods across the world as well as considering common themes throughout history. The central question examined during this course is “What makes a civilization?”. It is impossible to learn all of world history in one year, so rather than rushing through the entire planet’s history, this class focuses on identifying common themes across the globe understanding essential concepts throughout human history. Students explore the six main parts of civilization through different historical case studies ranging from the development of stable food sources in Ancient Mesopotamia to the role of technology in kickstarting the Age of Exploration and the Scientific Revolution.

The skills developed during this course include critical thinking, learning how to ask questions, and finding answers. Students work on communication and writing skills. Students also learn the steps to writing a research paper, focusing on how to develop a research question, note taking, and the writing process. Group work and class participation are skills fostered in this class. Hands-on learning and project work help students actively engage with the information in a number of different learning styles.


Course Information

  • Course Duration: Full Year
  • Grade Level: 8

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