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Credits, Grading and Changes

Our grading system is based on our academic year, which is divided into two semesters each consisting of two marking periods indicated by quarter. For the marking period and semester end dates please see the Academic Calendar.

Grade A- (90-92); Grade A (93-96); Grade A+ (97-100) Superior work marked by:

  • Consistent and thorough preparation
  • Exceptional grasp both of material and mechanics of subject and outstanding recall
  • Demonstrated ability to independently connect themes, idea’s and concepts
  • In independent work, demonstration of capacity for individual interpretation and analysis of materials derived from inquiry in depth, for discriminating selection of materials, and for clear and interesting presentation

Grade B- (80-82); Grade B (83-86); Grade B+ (87-89) Strong work marked by:

  • Regular and thorough preparation
  • Thorough grasp, both of material and mechanics of subject
  • Capacity to recall material and make relationships to new material
  • In independent work, a demonstration of depth of thought, of careful attention to sources and selection of material, and of capacity for clear presentation

Grade C- (70-72); Grade C (73-76); Grade C+ (77-79) Satisfactory work that may be marked by one or a combination of these:

  • Somewhat irregular preparation
  • Adequate grasp of material and mechanics of subject
  • Tendency to rely on memory rather than to identify relationships
  • Basic focus on the material or topic
  • In independent work, a survey approach rather than inquiry and analysis in depth; presentation may contain mechanical errors

Grade D- (60-62); Grade D (63-66); Grade D+ (67-69) Less than satisfactory work that may suggest inability to continue more advanced work in the subject with success. Often marked by:

  • Hasty, irregular, inadequate preparation
  • Undeveloped study skills and/or reading ability, limited motivation
  • Carelessness in mechanics, presentation and/or completion of work

Grade F (59 or below)

  • A grade of 59 or below is a failure (F). A student receiving an F as a final year grade will be instructed as to whether s/he may retake the course at LTS, or at an approved summer school, to earn the credit. In some cases, a student with a semester or final grade of an F will be notified that her/his continued enrollment may be at risk.

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