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Dark Road centers on Greta, a German guard at the women’s concentration camp. Greta tells her story, including why she is still not repentant at the time of her capture at the end of World War II. Her sister Lise is completely against Greta’s embracing of the concentration camp culture, and the ending punishes them both for their positions.


  • Saturday, March 7 at the VPA Regional One-Act Festival at Essex High School, Essex Junction, VT


Directed by Anna Bean

The Present:

  • Greta – Lillie Wildman
  • Daimler – Isa Blankenbaker
  • The Guard – Jade Marantz
  • The Crowd – Person 1: Kassidy Brooks, Person 2: Mackenzie Smith, Person 3: Lucinda Monder, Person 4: Lorelei Goodell

The Past:

  • Lise – Emma Luikart
  • Overseer – Kassidy Brooks
  • Marga – Mackenzie Smith
  • Ingrid – Lucinda Monder
  • The Prisoners – Prisoner 1: Jade Marantz, Prisoner 2: Lorelei Goodell
  • The Women – Women 1: Kassidy Brooks, Women 2: Lorelei Goodell, Women 3: Jade Marantz
  • The Girl – Lorelei Goodell
  • The Doctor – Mackenzie Smith
  • The Observer – Lucinda Monder
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