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The following guidelines apply to all Long Trail students interested in participating in athletics, drama and any other school-sponsored extracurricular activity. Please refer to the appropriate sections for policies specific to athletics and drama.

Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege that is earned by students. Students must meet certain academic, behavioral, physical (for athletes) and Vermont Principals Association’s (VPA) guidelines to participate.

Marble Valley League
In Varsity cross country, soccer, basketball, baseball and softball, Long Trail competes as a Division IV member of the Marble Valley League. Long Trail strives to schedule local and optimally challenging opponents to provide a meaningful competitive experience.

Vermont Principal Association
Vermont Principals Association (VPA) eligibility rules apply to all students, both boys and girls, in grades 6-12, and apply to all activities, athletic and non-athletic, sanctioned or sponsored by the VPA, of which Long Trail School is a member. Visit vpaonline.org for specifics.

Academic Requirements
Student athletes and actors are students first, and athletes and actors second and must maintain satisfactory classroom performance. To participate, students must have a grade of 70 or higher in individual courses and an overall average of 73 or higher in all courses combined. Eligibility is determined by the final grade indicated on report cards received at the close of the period immediately preceding the relevant sports/activity season.

Student athletes and actors must also maintain good academic standing on a daily basis. A student may be withheld from a one or several rehearsals, practices, meetings, or activities for academic underachievement.

A student who is found to be ineligible may be allowed to participate after a minimum of one week if certain conditions are met as determined by the Dean of Academics and Director of Athletics.

Students ineligible due to a grade of an “Incomplete” may participate after completion of the work and provided they meet all other eligibility requirements and the conditions stated above.

Appeal Process
An academically ineligible student may request an appeal if he/she feels the grade(s) is unjust or inaccurate. Appeals must be made by the student and/or parent/guardian within five days of the reported grade.

Daily Attendance
Students must check into school by 11 a.m. or arrive on schedule and be in attendance until 11:00 a.m. to be eligible to practice, rehearse, compete or perform on any given day. Students are also expected to be present and on time for school the day after a competition or performance. If these policies are violated, a student could be suspended from participation in the next scheduled game or performance.



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