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Tuition and Fees
Monthly statements, parent loan payments, academic or class fees, activity fees and tuition payments and/or payment plans must be paid in full when due. Library and classroom book fees must also be timely paid. If any student has unreturned library items or lost classroom books (or books returned in poor condition), s/he will be charged for replacement. All grades will be held until a student’s accounts are fully paid.

Tuition Refund Policy
The obligation to pay tuition and fees for the entire academic year is unconditional. The obligation to pay tuition and fees will not be affected by illness, withdrawal, suspension, dismissal or absence of the student from school for any reason. No portion of such tuition and fees paid or outstanding shall be refunded or cancelled, notwithstanding absence, withdrawal or dismissal of the student from the school for any reason. Where a town pays tuition, if absence, withdrawal or dismissal of the student causes Long Trail to return the tuition payment to the town, or causes cancellation of unpaid future town tuition, the parents are obligated to pay the School an amount equal to the returned and/or unpaid town tuition in addition to the differential parent tuition.

Late Payments
Long Trail uses TADS to handle billing and payments. TADS charges a $35 late fee for missed or late payments. This fee is not assessed through LTS and cannot be waived or refunded.

Costs of Collection
In the event the school must engage counsel to collect past due accounts, parents must pay all of the school’s expenses of enforcement and collection of tuition and fees and related expenses and interest, including attorney’s fees and costs of suit.

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