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Long Trail School proudly awards honors for students at the end of the first and second semesters and for year-long performance in our challenging academic curriculum. The honors bestowed on student-scholars are High Honors for Upper School students with grades of 93 or above in all courses (91 for International Baccalaureate “IB” courses) and Honors for students in grades 6-12 with grades of 90 or above in all courses (88 for IB courses).

High Honors

93 and above in all courses (91 in IB courses)

Jaden Bauch, Isa Blankenbaker, Sean Bottomms, Nessia Crispe, Noah Forest, Nix Forest, Griff Gourd, Gretchen Hammell, Oisin Harrington, Willow Hughes-Muse, Chaeli Knapp-Wilson, Zach Lee, Eliza Ligon, Rachel Lin, Jeremy Linfield, Emma Luikart, Jade Marantz, Georgia McClellan, Jonah Mae Neri, Serena Nettleton, Lang Quail, Noel Schlageter, Kathryn Smith, Julia Worland


90 and above in all courses (88 in IB courses)

Myra Aldanondo, McKinley Bremel, Emma Bourque, Austin Carr, Luke Choi, Brigham Cooper, Madeline DiStasio, Estella Doulis, Soren Ericksen, Lorelei Goodell, Olivia Hunter, Emery Letendre, Molly Luikart, Audra Marcus, Maya Marcy, Abby McChesney, Kelsey McCullough, Clare Monahan, Cade Morris, Liam Murphy, Ben Park, Grace Porter, Harlow Quail, Laura Rosenthal, Molly Sanderson, Ilsa Schaub, Mackenzie Smith, Charleigh Tifft, Sophia Vickery, Yueqi Wang, Zach Wildman, Ava Witt

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