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Meeting Schedule: The February LTPA meeting is cancelled.  The next meeting it on Thursday, March 21.

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LTPA MINUTES:  Thursday, January 17, 2019

Attendance:  Beth Bove, Courtney Callo, Seth Linfield, Dana McCloskey, Kim Murphy, Cori Rail, Deb Sheldon, Rhonda Shlangen, Kim Wildman

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes were not approved because they have not been completed or distributed for review by the membership.  November, September, and July minutes have not been approved. Action: The committee leads will resolve the issues prior to the next meeting.


Seth Linfield, HOS:

Seth expressed appreciation for the work of the LTPA. The Fieldhouse will be ready for use by Fall 2019. LTS is hoping for an expanded offering of camps for the summer of 2019. Input from LTPA is welcome about what types of camps would be good to offer in the future. At a future meeting the LTPA will be given a tour of the fieldhouse.

Seth noted that Governor Scott reports that every day in Vermont 6 people leave to find work – essentially, demographic shifts are reducing the number of school aged children and this is projected to continue to decline. For LTS this means looking to expand its cachement base. Last year and this year LTS has focused on solidifying relationships with local schools that have a strong history with LTS, but will also continue to look afield. Current enrollment is 185 students and looking to build enrollment.

On Sunday, March 3rd, Seth will conduct the Psychology of Happiness and Virtue class for parents from noon-4 pm. There may be a small fee to cover snacks and lunch.

Treasurer’s Report: Kim Murphy

Kim reminded everyone to go through her in order to spend or collect money for the LTPA so she can keep up-to-date records. She will share last year’s report at the next meeting to provide an overview of funding flows. Some catch-up in accounting from the picnic will result in modest adjustments.

Topic for a future meeting: discussion about spending of LTPA funds. In the past, funds were used to buy something the school needed or provide for guest speakers.

Kim raised discussion point: whether Friends of the Arts and Friends of the Athletics would be melded with the LTPA or go forward as separate sub-committees. Committee decided to keep FoA and FoATH going and will try to generate new participants. Deb and Luke and Beth will collaborate to organize and reach out to sports parents. Cori and Lorrie will reach out to arts parents.

More active use of SIgnUp Genius to engage parents to sign up: Kim will follow-up to get login from Chelley. Deb will talk with Chelley about putting out a request out for concessions stuff and help staffing the concessions table at home basketball games (at MEMS).

Calendar Discussion & Notes

2/7 (Thursday): International week potluck lunch, historically sponsored by the LTPA. NEED: Signup Genius for parents to help in shifts with food distribution and clean-up (2 shifts of 3 people for set up, serving & clean up). Provisional eating time is 12-1 p.m.

2/9 (Saturday): Air Band. LTPA will provide concessions for a fundraiser. NEED: Signup Genius to work concession both and donate goods. Kim Murphy will be point person for this.

2/14 (Thursday): LTPA mid-winter appreciation, decided to purchase Valentine’s candy grams from student council for all faculty/staff. LTPA voted to expend up to $3 for approximately 45 people.

2/22 (Friday): LTS Open House event – send reminder to Grade Level parents. Also, please like & share event on LTS’ FB page to help get the word out.

3/18-22: Cabin Fever week, will be handled by Student Life

The committee voted to cancel the February meeting as it falls during break; an in-person meeting will not be held. Any pressing items will be addressed via email or webinar (e.g. using Zoom). Cori will email Chelley to remove the meeting from the LTS calendar as well as notify parents through usual channels.

Next meeting: 3/21 7-9 pm at Head’s House (during BlackLight Dance). This will also include a get-to-know-you social, open to all parents. Parents to RSVP confirm count. Beth and MaryBeth will develop ice breakers, organized around color teams. Dana M. will contact 7th grade parents to see if they would be interested in helping to organize the social. The committee voted to spend funds up to $500 for refreshments for the social.

Going forward, parents will earn Color Team points for attending LTPA meetings. Color Teams are family based, so parents are on the same team as their child(ren).

LTPA Survey: Cori and Rhonda are working on a survey to solicit views from parents about the work of the LTPA and how we can cultivate more parent participation.

Meeting adjourned at 7:18 pm.


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