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  • Dial (605) 313-5336.
  • Enter the access code 238135#. For some unknown reason you have to enter the access code and # twice in order for it to connect if you use a cell phone.
  • The system will ask for you to announce yourself. There is a slight delay so please be patient for a response.

LTPA Meeting Agenda

Long Trail School

Thursday, May 16, 2019 6:00 PM 

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes (5 minutes)
  3. Report: Head of School, Seth Linfield (10 minutes)
  4. Report: Treasurer, Kim Murphy (5 minutes)
  5. Action: Nominate & vote for officers for 2019-2020 (15 minutes)
  6. Update/Discussion: LTPA survey (20 minutes)
  7. Discussion: upcoming LTPA calendar (5 minutes)


    1. May 18th – Middle School drama performance (need concessions, ticket sales)
    2. May 21st – LTSounds, Middle School Concert (meal arrangements for students)
    3. May 31st – Commencement


  1. June 6th – 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony
  2. June 7th – last day of school, buses leave at 12:30
  3. June 11th – new family welcome at LTS, 5-7pm
  1. Update/Discussion: Hanging Basket fundraiser (5 minutes)
  2. Other Business
  3. Action: Determine date and time of next meeting (summer meeting to plan for year) (5 minutes)
  4. Adjournment

Meeting Minutes – April 25, 2019

  1. Call to Order at 6:00 pm; (11 participants in person and 6 by phone)
  1. Approval of Minutes (5 minutes)

No minutes to approve

  1. Report: Head of School, Seth Linfield (5 minutes)
  • Thanked LTPA for continued support
  • Field House is nearly online and all are welcome to visit (though floors are currently curing).
    • Details about physical education requirements will be shared in coming weeks, but essentially will cover participation in a wide range of activities
  • Starting next year there will be a point of emphasis on research, particularly but not limited to math and sciences; students will have opportunities for mentorships.
  • LTS will be at a fair at Black River in early May for outreach to prospective students who may wish to transfer to LTS after the Black River middle and high schools close in 2020
    • Anyone with contacts with Black River families should please contact Katie Redding or Seth to help build relationships.
  • Also building relationship with the Newman School, an IB school in Boston, for future exchanges
  • This year will be a relatively high contingent of Dorset school incoming 9th graders (5), as a result of family-by-family, student-by-student outreach.
  1. Report: Treasurer, Kim Murphy (5 minutes)
  • The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.
  • Future LTPA expenses should go through the LTPA treasurer, rather than Patti.
  • The LTPA is looking for a treasurer to replace Kim M., who will graduate as an LTS parent in May 2019.
  • Incoming vs. outgoing was fairly flat for the year.
  1. Report/Discussion: Student Life Experiences, MaryBeth O’Donnell, Travel Education Program(15 minutes)
  1. Discussion/Action: upcoming LTPA calendar (25 minutes) 


  • May 3rd – Stewardship Day, LTPA sponsoring Happy Cow Treat. Intended to be a surprise for students (Shhhh…). Kim Wildman is in discussion with Happy Cow Treat and should confirm by 4/26. As back-up, student life will purchase ice cream sandwiches for Stewardship Day. If the vendor can’t make the 5/3 date, the last day of school or the first day of school may be options. Happy Cow Treat donates all profits to the Foley Cancer Center at Rutland Regional Medical Center.
    • Kim W. to follow-up with Happy Cow and confirm date/time
  • May 6th – 10th Teacher Appreciation Week: LTPA will host a coffee bar/breakfast on Wednesday, May 8 and gift teachers with small plants on Thursday or Friday. Parents will be asked to contribute to the breakfast via SignUpGenius. Student Council will also be asked to organize something.
    • Kim and Chelley will organize sign-up genius
    • Cori Rail to organize flowers
    • MaryBeth to check with student council 
  • May 7th – LTSounds Upper School Concert:
    • Kim W. to check if there will be intermission and to provide bottled water for sale
    • Parents may drop off food at the concert for the coffee bar the following day. 
  • May 16th – final LTPA meeting, officer elections: Current Co-Presidents will run again; Secretary and Treasurer positions are open.
    • Agenda: at this meeting, we will set a date for the June meeting to plan activities for the coming school year and invite grade level parents to that meeting. 
  • May 18th – Middle School drama performance (need concessions, ticket sales): A Sign-Up Genius has already been circulated for concessions.
    • Ticket sales will be organized through Friends of the Arts.
  • May 21st – LTSounds, Middle School Concert: Will be a relatively short concert without an intermission. No related LTS activity. 
  • May 31st – Commencement: No related LTS activity. 


  • June 6th – 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony. No related LTS activity.
  1. Update/Discussion: LTPA survey (5 minutes): The survey will be circulated to LT parents to solicit views about the roles and expectations of the LTPA. Ideally the survey would be circulated, closed and results analyzed so the results will be available for review at the May 16 PTA meeting.
    • Cori and Rhonda will finalize and disseminate the survey a.s.a.p. 
  1. Other Business

Hanging Baskets: In the past faculty members received a discount. Kim M. will check on the amount of discount given in previous years. LTPA agreed to honor a similar discount as part of teacher/staff appreciation efforts. Baskets are $35 before discount.

 Friends of the Athletics met earlier this week and Kim W. will finalize and circulate minutes.

  1. Next LTPA meeting: May 16th, 2019, 6pm, LTS Library 
  1. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:17 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted by Rhonda Schlangen and Cori Rail

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