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LTS Students Partner with Community Planning Groups

Long Trail School is committed to helping students understand civic engagement. Two of the five LTS Core Values, Social Responsibility and Stewardship, focus on preparing students for lives of thoughtful and responsible democratic citizenship.

The School is grateful for two distinct and meaningful experiences in which Long Trail students were invited to participate. Sean Bottomms, Nolan Hilliard and Diego Ramos, all from the LTS Class of 2021, are currently serving on the Manchester Skatepark Committee. They are excited to be part of a renewed effort to build a new park in Manchester and are an active part of the design process.  Bottomms enthused, “I’ve really enjoyed helping the Manchester community provide a place from which I and so many others will benefit.”

In addition, LTS 10th graders Liam Murphy and Jake Smith were invited to help to select the bands for the Manchester Summer Concerts on the Green.  “I am inspired to help make positive changes in my community,” said Murphy. Manchester Parks & Recreation Director Nicole Dexter shared, “We truly appreciate all the positive energy the students brought to the group! They added a lot.”

“Building Civically Engaged Students Does More Than Benefit Communities:  It Supports College Success” by Jeff Fleming contends, “students who participate in a civic engagement curriculum build critical skills needed to attend and complete college successfully.”  He documents that students who participate in civic activities in their local communities are able to strengthen their leadership skills along with their written and verbal communication. Long Trail is proud to provide an academic experience that helps build both strong academically-minded students and thoughtful global citizens.


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