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Lunches are $4.00
Monday’s are pizza from Sam’s Woodfired Pizza in Manchester. The rest of the week lunches are prepared in house by Deb Sheldon.
Tuesday through Thursday lunches come with a side salad or a yogurt and milk.
Friday’s are “Brown Bag Lunch” days and include a sandwich or wrap, fruit, chips, snack and milk or water. Eat at school or easily take it to go!

Mon., March 18


Tues., March 19

hot dog or veggie brat with vegetarian baked beans

Wed., March 20

chicken with black beans or veggie quesadilla

Thurs., March 21

cheeseburger or veggie burger and tater tots

Fri., March 22

Head’s Holiday-no classes

Mon., March 25


Tues., March 26

chicken patty sandwich or veggie brat and pasta salad

Wed., March 27

meatball sub or veggie hummus wrap

Thurs., March 28

beef or veggie fried rice and pineapple

Fri., March 29

egg salad or peanut butter & jelly sandwich

Mon., April 1


Tues., April 2

waffles with bacon and fresh fruit

Wed., April 3

tomato basil soup and garlic toast

Thurs., April 4

meat or veggie shepherd’s pie

Fri., April 5

Bosco sticks or ham and cheese sandwich bag lunch

Mon., April 8


Tues., April 9

beef or veggie taco

Wed., April 10

chicken or tofu coconut curry over rice

Thurs., April 11

egg and cheese sandwich with or without bacon and fresh fruit

Fri., April 12

Head’s Holiday – no classes

Mon., April 15-Fri., April 19

Spring Vacation

Mon., April 22


Tues., April 23

BBQ pulled pork sandwich or veggie hummus wrap with tater tots

Wed., April 24

BLT sandwich or strawberry-banana smoothie

Thurs., April 25

macaroni and cheese

Fri., April 26

tortilla chips with cheese sauce, salsa, & sour cream or tuna sandwich bag lunch


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