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Posted Thursday, October 3, 2019 2:36 pmBy Darren Marcy, Manchester Journal

At Long Trail School, parents were recently notified of a note a student had reportedly received that was described as “threatening.”

Head of School Seth Linfield said the note was quickly determined to not be a threat, but was a “call for help.”

LTS officials announced Sept. 27 in a follow-up email to parents.

“At no time was there a risk to anyone in our community,” parents were told in the email.

“We investigated the note and promptly determined there was no threat posed by the note,” Linfield said in an interview. “We used the presence of the note as a platform to have conversations with our community about not only safety but how safety comes within our quality of life as a community.”

Linfield couldn’t discuss the content of what the note.

“We’re not going to address the details of the note, but it became evident that the note itself was a cry for attention rather than a threat,” Linfield said.

Monday, LTS had Bravata address the students as well as State’s Attorney Erica Marthage.

“Sgt. Bravata and Erica Marthage came and talked to our entire school,” Linfield said. “Bravata addressed the legal ramifications about making threats and then Marthage talked about the positive aspects of creating a community based on respect.”

Linfield said Long Trail has a “vigorous and vigilant security program.

“A key element of any safety protocol is not to talk about what those protocols are,” Linfield said. “We do have a vigorous and vigilant security program and we do consult with the experts including the Bennington Sheriff’s Department.”Contact Darren Marcy at dmarcy@manchesterjournal.com or by cell at 802-681-6534.

Editor’s Note: The author’s children attend Long Trail School.

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