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Graduation Requirements

Students typically earn 6.25 credits per year and twenty five credits in four years. One and a half years of the arts, four of English, three of math, three of science, three of social studies, and three of the same world language are required. Long Trail strongly encourages students to exceed these standards. The Dean of Academics and the Registrar must approve exceptions. IB Diploma candidates must fully meet the requirements of the IB Programme.

Diploma Requirements

In order to qualify for a diploma, Upper School students must be currently enrolled and in good standing in the School. They must satisfy the various departmental requirements regarding level of study and proficiency and must successfully complete all requirements. Students are highly encouraged to take courses in all disciplines each year.
Successful completion (passing grade) of a full-year course earns one (1) credit. Successful completion (passing grade) of a semester course earns one-half ½ credit. A student must earn a minimum of 6.25 credited courses each year. Required credits may be met by summer school with prior approval from the Dean of Academics. Students may also complete summer work in order to accelerate into a higher-level course for the following year with prior approval; however, this summer work will not fulfill graduation requirements.

Additional Requirements


All students are expected to participate in the life of the LTS community through extracurricular activities. To meet diploma requirements, Upper School students must earn activity credits each year. These activity credits are managed by the Director of Athletics in conjunction with the Academic Office and the Arts Department. IB Diploma candidates satisfy activity requirements with the completion of their CAS work.

Technology Competency

All students must demonstrate an ability to use technology to communicate, access, collect, manage and evaluate information, solve problems, and build and share knowledge. The specifics of this requirement are in development and will be conveyed in a timely manner.

Credit Transfer

LTS will honor all courses granted credit by the sending school provided the school is an accredited secondary school. LTS will not apply middle school credits to its upper school requirements, nor does it accept independent study credit from other secondary schools.


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