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Tim Smith
(802) 867-5717 x143

PRACTICE: Regular practices begin on the first day of school and run Monday through Thursday 3:15-4:45 and Friday 12:45 – 2:45.

Athletes MUST attend a minimum of 10 solid practices before they are eligible for receiving a uniform and competing for LTS.  All athletes must be dedicated and attend practices during the week, unless another arrangement is made ahead of time with me and for good reason(s).  For example, doctor appointments need to be scheduled way in advance.  In general, skipping practice for “simple” reasons will not count.


Boggio, Ben 12
Bottomms, Sean 12
Harrington, Oisin 12
Linfield, Jeremy 12
Quail, Lang 12
Park, Ben 10
Stefurak, Alex 10
Arrington, Lucas 9
Choi, Luke 9
Choi, Luke 9
Coe, Bryce 9
George, Lloyd 9
Kulas Klopchin, Adam 9
LaMothe, Kai 9
Dennan, Luca 8
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