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Ages 8-13
$150 tennis camp only
or combine with an afternoon Camp Marvin class for a full-day camp!

9:00 – 11:30 am
July 26-30
July 10-14

Frank is originally from Belgium (Bruges) and cites his mentors as major contributors to his success in the tennis world. Frank was fortunate to spend a significant amount of time with some of the top tennis stars in the world and really understands what it takes to play high level tennis.

Frank quickly realized that the mental side of the game is as important as any physical skill. To differentiate his teaching, he committed to training in Japan with one of the greatest leaders in the world of meditation- Shodo Harada Roshi. Frank strongly feels that meditation results in faster learning for skill development, self-confidence and balance.

Frank has had success with his students improvement and he has consistently coached the top players in Belgium in a various age groups. One of his proudest moments came from working with a players that became top 10 in Europe and eventually number 1 of the world under age 18. He has coached numerous division 1 collegiate athletes in the US as well.


Being able to hit the ball in the back of the court  with consistency. Recognizing when to play rally and when you have other options.

Ball components:

  • Spin: forward rotation
  • Height : trajectory
  • peace medium
  • directions long line, cross court

Technical skill:

  • Grip: eastern FH, semi continent and continental BH
  • Contact point in front and between shoulder and hip
  • follow threw: forward and up
  • Back swing: according size of the court, small or bigger
  • Rhythm: slow-fast


FH en BH volley shoulder height

Being able to hit a volley away the opponent.

Bal components:

  • Spin: Little backspin
  • Direction: cross- long line
  • height: Low: ball goes down
  • Peace: slow

Technical skills:

  • Grip: semi continental
  • Contact point: in front of the body
  • Follow threw: forward and little bit down
  • Backswing: No or very little backswing
  • Rhythm: slow- slow


Being able to hit a serve in the service box with consistency and medium power.

Bal components:

  • Spin: no spin
  • Direction: cross court
  • height: Low: ball goes down
  • Peace: slow- fast

Technical skills:

  • Grip: semi continental or continental
  • contact point: slightly in front of the body
  • Follow threw: forward and up
  • Throwing motion:
  • Backswing: Elbow and shoulder square to the net.
  • Rhythm: slow- fast

General:Athletic position / Footwork and Balance will be a big part of the development.


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