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COACH: Scott Hansen

shanseng8@gmail.com rock-climber

The Rock Climbing Team is a two day a week commitment. Practices are either at LTS or at the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Gym in Rutland. Wednesday competitions are at the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Gym.

Nov. 16 practice at LTS
Nov. 28 Practice at GMRCC
Nov. 29 Competition at GMRCC
Nov. 30 Practice at LTS
Dec. 5 Practice at LTS
Dec. 6 Practice at LTS
De.c 12 Practice at GMRCC
Dec.13 Competition at GMRCC
Jan. 3 Practice at LTS
Jan. 9 Practice at GMRCC
Jan. 10 Competition at GMRCC
Jan. 11 Practice at LTS
Jan. 16 Practice at LTS
Jan. 17 Practice at LTS
Jan. 23 Practice at GMRCC
Jan. 24 Competition at GMRCC
Jan. 30 Practice at LTS
Jan. 31 Practice at LTS
Feb. 6 Practice at GMRCC
Feb. 7 Competition at GMRCC – cancelled due to weather
Feb. 13 Practice at LTS
Feb. 14 Competition at GMRCC – rescheduled from Feb. 7
Feb. 15 Practice at LTS
Feb. 27 Practice at the GMRCC
Feb. 28 Practice at GMRCC
Mar.1 Competition at GMRCC
Mar. 3 (Finals) Competition at GMRCC in Quechee ( if we qualify)


Nate Misasi 12
Pete Mathewson 12
Emily Lucie 12
Olivia Kelly Hinterberger 11
Griff Gourd 11
Hope Soucy 11
Serena Nettleton 11
Ocean Tang 11
Nolan Hilliard 10
Bodan Choi 10
Chamberland Willette 9
Peter Tschaikowsky 9
Avery Carter 9
Maya Marcy 9
Isabel Blakenbaker 9
Lily Cole 8
Trevor Kelly Hinterberger 7

Prior to committing to the team, please read the information below.

COST: Two options are available for participation on the team at the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Gym.

  • A la carteThe school will pick up the day cost ($12) of each of the 6 competition days. Total of $72. The climber will pick up the cost of the 6 practice days at the gym ($12) Total of $72. This option only allows access to the gym during scheduled practices and competitions. To recap: The school will purchase punch cards for the kids for competitions. The daily entry fee is the financial responsibility of the climber and are to be paid prior to practice that day.
  • Membership– This is the best arrangement for climbers who are interested in visiting the gym beyond the weekly practices, climbing season, and for climbers who live in the Rutland area. Here, the climber pays $178 towards the $250 gym membership.  Long Trail School will pay the remaining $72. With this option, gym access extends into August!  Green Mountain Rock Climbing gym hours can be found on their website: http://www.vermontclimbing.com/rutland.html.

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